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Whether it’s market entry, white label branding, energy procurement, market analysis, retrospective audits, energy management, bureau services, site operations or renewable energy projects, we are able to manage your local energy brand and company needs. We have a dedicated team to support you through every step of market entry and launching your tailored energy company, utility services and local energy brand.

Jo Gilbert

Jo Gilbert

Skywalk Managing Director

Jo has worked in the energy retail markets for over 18 years. She has a wealth of knowledge of the industry in both public and private sector organisations. Jo was instrumental to the set-up and launch of Robin Hood Energy the 1st not-for-profit local authority owned fully licensed supplier in the UK and their current white label strategy for domestic and commercial supply.  Jo has supported the set-up and creation of 5 fully licensed UK suppliers and 5 white labels brands in the past 3 years alone. A frequent speaker and panalist at some of the UKs top conferences.

Nick Campbell

Nick Campbell

IES Director Energy Intensive Clients

Nick’s vast experience covers market analysis, trading and strategy responsibilities in a consultancy role and running an energy trading desk and managing client positions for Gazprom. Having returned to a consultancy role he has responsibility for flexible contract structuring and running flexible risk management strategies. A frequent media commentator in leading national publications, Nick has specialist knowledge of fundamental market analysis. Nick is FSA accredited and has a MSc in Energy.

Our Story

Having worked closely with many new energy suppliers, local authorities and large corporate organisations over recent years on market entry activity, it became quite clear that there is a lack of understanding, guidance, and support for new entrants to the UK energy markets. Navigating energy supply models, current regulatory frameworks, and energy services and funding can be impossible in the early days without the correct knowledge and support.

As an industry, we have seen a number of smaller energy suppliers failing and moving to SOLR or being bought out in the past 18months. There is also a common theme for recent Ofgem investigations concerning regulatory compliance and customer service issues. All of which could have been avoided had the correct advice and support been taken earlier.

We don’t believe financial penalties offer the solution either, they will only act as another barrier to market entry and deter new innovation away from an evolving competitive marketplace.

We established Skywalk Utilities to provide that much-needed guidance and support not just for the public sector but for any aspiring new entrant companies. Skywalk Utilities is unique. We offer a new energy incubator and white label brand supply model. Our incubator model addresses all of the known issues new entrants face and we have partnered with the best, well known and trusted service providers in the industry. We will enable you to launch your new energy company with confidence, knowledge, and experience. Skywalk will help you to create and deliver a trusted energy brand.

We want to challenge the norm and look at creative ways to deliver the very best energy deals for local businesses and residents, ensuring we also deliver on some of your key objectives;


  • Create local and trusted energy brands
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Innovative Products and Tariffs
  • Smart Meters
  • Fair Energy Tariff Pricing
  • Local Job creation
  • Reductions in fuel poverty
  • Faciliate local generation and distribution
  • Balance supply and demand via new local supply models
  • Support carbon reductions
  • Support local community energy schemes

Skywalk Utilities is a proud member of the Concious Benefits Employer Charter.

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